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We got the items today, everything seems to be here and looks great! We are ALL impressed with how substantial these games are! They will easily last for years (generations?) and are exactly the quality we were looking for. Thank you for the great communication, the fast service, and the fantastic products! We VERY MUCH appreciate it!

Please let the rest of the crew know that we are impressed with the quality and service and thank each one of them for the role they play in your business!                                                                                                   

Carnival Games for Rent in Phoenix Area

All games are made from steel and powdercoated.

Roller Bowler- Phoenix rental only $35

The purpose of this carnival game is to get the ball to stay on the other side of the hump (as pictured) to win.

The game is 84 inches long, 12 inches tall and 4 inches wide. It uses a 5 inch ball (included) and the game weighs 30 pounds.

Crazy Driver- Phoenix rental only $40

Crazy Driver Carnival Game is a skill game. Great for older kids and Adults.

The game has 3 settings, Grandma, Autobahn, and  Mountain Racing.

It is 52 inches long, 18 wide and 12 tall and weighs 40 lbs. It comes with 3 balls.

Frog  Launcher- Phoenix rental only $20

 This frog launcher carnival game is one for everyone to play. Because the flipper is aluminum the frog really flies. Nothing brings more attention to a game than noise. Much stronger and more durable than any wood version. Try to launch the frog into the bucket (provided by you) to win. Game is 12x15x8in tall and weighs 8lbs. Game comes with deadblow hammer and 1 frog.

Lilly Pads Carnival Games

Lilly Pads- Phoenix rental only $20

This is a great addition to your frog launcher carnival game.

It is 8 inches wide, 8 inches tall and the tallest lilly pad is 12 inches. It is under 10 lbs. Make up many games!

Circus Tipsey $475- Phoenix rental only $40

Now with digitally printed backdrop

This is a great Carnival Game. Throw three beanbags to knock over the clowns. Game is 30x8x30 tall and is 40lbs. Comes with 12 Beanbags.

Manetic Dart Ballon Carnival Gae

Magnetic Dart Balloon Canival Game- Phoenix rental only $30        Fun colorful carnival game!

It is 30x30 and weighs 40lbs. Made of powdercoated steel.   Comes w/ 6 magnetic darts.

Bull Ringer- Phoenix rental only $30

The goal of this game is to swing the ring onto the hook. This carnival game is a skill game.

The game setup is 19 in wide, 23 in tall and 22 in deep. when broke down the carnival game is 19x26x9. It weighs 28 pounds.

Cactus Toss- Phoenix rental only $30

In this carnival game the Player Gets 3 rings, ring the center for first prize, ring the outer arm for 2nd prize. The game is 30 inches tall x 15x15. It weighs 28 pounds and comes with 12 wood rings.

Lucky Horseshoe Crnival Game

Lucky Horse Shoe- Phoenix rental only $30

The Lucky Horse Shoe Carnival Game is a easier to win version of the Bull Ringer Game. You swing the ring and try to get it to hook the horse shoe. Player get three tried to win.

Game set up is 19 x 23 x 22. for tansportation it breaks down into 19 x 26 x 9 and weighs 28 pounds.

Comes with a ring on a lanyard.


Bring Home the Bacon- Phoenix rental only $75

 This carnival game is one that everyone can play. The battery powered pigs race off when you lift the gate, starting and stopping at their own pace so you never know who the winner is until their snout hits the finish.the game is 30x32 and folds up flatish and weighs 25 lbs. It comes with 12 assorted pigs.


Shuffle Bowling- Phoenix rental only $40

This Carnival Game is 40 lbs and is 16 wide by 14 high by 60 inches long. Player gets three tries to knock over the pins.

Comes with 1 puck.

Cowbell Carnival ames

Cowbell Game- Phoenix rental only $30

The cowbell carnival game is a beanbag toss. If you throw the beanbag into the hole you ring the cowbell.

The Game is 24x8x24in tall and weighs 28 lbs. Comes with cowbell and 12 beanbags.

Tic Tac Toe- Phoenix rental only $20

Not a huge game but very affordable and always popular. These are large wiffle balls in the photo, you can always use small wiffle balls or bean bags.

12x12x12 10 lbs.

We also use this game to put the          game supplies from all games, going to and from an event.

Bottle Ring Game- Phoenix rental only $40

This is a version of the popular Bottle Ring Toss carnival game. Everyone loves the red ring bouncing off the bottles. The game is 24x24x6tall.  20lbs and comes with 12  plastic rings. If the rings miss they slide down to the bottom for easy recovery.

It does NOT come with bottles, you can use soda or beer bottles.

Bottle Ring Carnival Game

Bottle Ring Carnival Game

Poster Toss- Phoenix rental only $30 Does not come with posters

2 ways to play poster toss, charge 50 cents and give 3 rings to try to win or charge $1 and let them ring until they win. Only 1 poster per winner. 

Game is 24x24x4in tall, weighs 20lbs, and comes with 12 plastic rings.

Poster Toss Carnival Game

Poster Toss Carnival Game

Break A Plate Game- Phoenix rental only $75 and $75 for a case of 250 plates

This carnival game is a great money maker, it rents for more than a regular game and you also get to charge for the plastic plates. It is a great attraction and not just for kids. It is 36 in wide and 48 in tall about 15 inches deep. The three cross pieces pull out  and the game folds up. it weighs about 30lbs total. it comes with three beanbags. Do not use baseballs it will rip the backdrop.


Can Can Carnival Game

Can Can Phoenix rental only $40

This game is a version of the milk bottle toss carnival game. Anytime you get noise from people knocking the cans off the shelf you draw a crowd. The game is 30inx30in weighs  27lbs. You remove the stand and the rest of the game folds up. The carnival game comes with 5 cans and 3 beanbags.

We use a PVC fitting for our "can" because they last forever. We do NOT use uneven cut pieces of PVC. We also carry the tin cans if you want them.

Dice Game- Phoenix rental only $35

This game is easy for everyone to play. All they have to do is swing the ball at the stack of dice and knock them over. 3 of a kind is 1st and 2 of a kind is second. The game is 19x22x23 in tall when open and 19x26x9 when closed. It weighs 28 lbs and comes with three jumbo dice, and the ball on the lanyard.

Large Typsey- Phoenix rental only $125

The popular Carnival Game has 3 rows of targets to knock down. If player knock down 3 out of three they win 1st, 2 out of three 2nd, all others win consolation.

The carnival game is 40x40x8 and weighs 75 lbs.

It comes with 12 beanbags.

Slap Shot

Slap Shot- Phoenix rental only $35

This is a quick play skill carnival game. Player gets three tries to get the puck past the goalie. One in wins first.

The game is 16x12x60 and weighs 40 lbs. It comes with one stick and 1 puck.

Bank Shot Canival Game- Phoenix rental only $30

This carnival game is played by sliding the ring down the game and trying to bank it around to score points. You can make many different game!

The carnival game is 16 n wide by 48 in long. 30lbs.

7to11 addem up Game- Phoenix rental only $30

This Carnival Game is played with two golf balls. You roll them down the game. If they total 11 first prize, if they total 7 second prize.

Game is 16x12x60 and weighs 40 lbs. Comes with two golf balls.

Derby Daze- Phoenix rental only $50

This Carnival Game is a lot of fun in a  compact 20 lb game.

The game is 12 inches wide by 36 inches deep. It comes with 4 steel horses and a large dice. Each player throws the dice and moves their horse forward, the first one to the end wins!